Taio Cruz – Falling In Love


Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Taio Cruz – Falling In Love”

  1. Todd Anthony

    nice song :) 

  2. Johana Quevedo

    I luv this song!!

  3. nikosie c

    fifth :D

  4. beverlygnib

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  5. Betty Emilie Yazelle Betty Yazelle

    Man , i really love this song, it is from the heart and it so deep in
    meaning. I absolutely love his soft sweet voice, his smile is infectious. I
    have great respect for him. wowow He is the whole bag of chips baby!!!!!!!

  6. JezzixLove

    Everyone just know dynamite and break your heart but not this :(

  7. hexeyes

    seventh >:D

  8. pebubblesrocks

    OMG this is amazing

  9. Rutendo Mupedzi

    Ahhh Ilove this guy

  10. downwrightkeagw

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  11. deepen2011

    love this song.. exactly how I feel about someone right now..

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  13. alexandrawood081




  15. xxliilutschxx

    I love this Song <3 I’ts so Beautuful <3

  16. Dre Kennedy

    It’s always a good time to fall in love.

  17. palomadocarmo11

    Falling In Love is great!

  18. terryukupe

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  19. MadamLuna

    Just IMAGINE Someone dedicating this to you! (*.*)/

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  21. BeautyVanessanet

    taiocruzdaily (dot) com- Taio Cruz fan-site Taio voice sooo good,i love him)

  22. Donal power

    great love song

  23. Da2MUSIC

    great song very nice nice nice coollll is :D

  24. Muhd Raimi

    Im Falling In Love again !!!! =DDD

  25. leldux10

    this song is amazing :) ) <3