Taio Cruz feat. Pitbull – There She Goes (Official Music Video HD)


Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Taio Cruz feat. Pitbull – There She Goes (Official Music Video HD)”

  1. Madonna Wilson

    I really love this song
    and right now I no it by heart
    I favouite part is popstar rockstar killer lover and thriller and killer
    with dance flowfiller

  2. Ayyangar Narasimha


  3. Azamat Axmetov

    pittbul $ Doogs

  4. ankit chavhan

    busy in the luuu…… :)

  5. kalijana tautkeviciuks

    no pitbull ^^

  6. Stoica Stefan Adrian

    where’s that dog…..what’s he’s name……pitbull or somethin’ ?

  7. Pacers1100

    fuck , i came to this only for pitbull lol

  8. FasTSlayeR

    gözlüklerini göndermiş ya klibe daha ne a.q

  9. Thắng Ford

    I like Taio Cruz. I like this song

  10. shubh s

    owwsome……….. :) ))))))

  11. Marwa Hamdi

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw to7faaaaaaaaaaa

  12. MyNik000

    love it very much……

  13. Crazlie

    He’s singing :P

  14. naveed anjum

    awesome song nice beats

  15. DJ Donnelly

    Good song

  16. Shanu Prasad


  17. shania sadler

    wheres pitbull?????????????????

  18. PsychoAtomic

    Love this Song <3

  19. Saayli Buva

    Really disappointed with the video…… I heard the song first and thought
    it wud be a killer hot video…… Such fast paced music, sick beats, this
    video shudve been racy…. Dancey (not even a real word lol) …… Damn
    taio u have disappointed me big time!!!!!!

  20. xShadow

    I understand u

  21. xShadow

    1:36, Taio Cruz have the mouth deformed? It’s very strange

  22. Crazlie

    He is singing.

  23. Shashank Paithanker

    go home Glen Johnson, you’re drunk :-P

  24. Awasthi Gaurav

    awesome song

  25. Dilum Hettiarachchi