Taio Cruz ft. Pitbull – There She Goes Lyrics


Online video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Taio Cruz ft. Pitbull – There She Goes Lyrics”

  1. Swimmy Boy

    LOL .. I liked that (?) at pitbull part singing

  2. Evelīna Jergina

    before i listened this song i cryed than i started to listen this song and
    i forgot why i cryed.

  3. Areena Loyal

    guyzz …..u all must listen dis song..!! itz jst amazing!! :D 

  4. lucy mole

    fav song by him

  5. Athena Anastasopoulou

    where is the rap lyrics?

  6. George Ketoglou

    Είναι τέλειο!!!!!!!!! τραγουδάρα ειδικά συνεργασία με Pitbull είναι όλα τα

  7. Lila Keys

    ahahah , he’s bald xD

  8. Emy P.

    [Pitbull:] You know the rule of the game More money, more leeches And
    they’ll rob you like the Pharaohs in Egypt But these boys all paraplegic
    ‘Cause they don’t know Pit is very prestigious Me And This Woman Have
    Teleconnetions Such as look and they go, look and they move, look and they
    shake Look At The Beach Its Got Beautiful Creatures And make love to ‘em on
    beautiful beaches….

  9. onemanarmy165

    i think hes hair balls ????????? lol jk

  10. Tea Teyche

    the song would be better without Pitbull !

  11. Hiral Harita

    Listen to this song whilst watching The Pact trailer, so funny

  12. Ivan Yasku

    were watching this because if our parents saw the real video they would
    kill us XD

  13. inolvidble

    what a song1

  14. Babyskills04

    i love taio crus’s voice

  15. Rama Krishnan

    Taio rocks!!

  16. Edigarj25

    I’m here because of Deutshland Sucht den Superstar LOOL

  17. lilimimiloup

    I love this song !!!! <3

  18. faithful larry

    J’aime le “?” pendant que Pitbull chante XD

  19. Himakar Sreerangam

    True that! XD

  20. Wathon1884

    One of the best songs ever!

  21. TheSkizogreen

    Look At The Beach Its Got Beautiful Creatures And make love to ‘em on
    beautiful beaches Ready for the world but the world ain’t ready for me
    Paint this as a virtue, way you see Don’t believe? My baby vadi ko ko e ah
    do ke ke Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about And your
    friends, who cares what I’m Talking Bout She can play, go leave her with a
    little bit of volley She gonna let me go for sure

  22. vedat aktaş

    hey you . scrool up your mouse. pitbull don’t wait you when lyrick miss ..

  23. Ghizlanoss Queen

    Redone <3

  24. snw1357

    hahahaha the ‘?” is epic! LOL

  25. Demie Murmuraki

    What?!?!?!?I loveeeee Pitbul!!!!!