Taio Cruz- I’m Telling The World- lyrics


Video clip Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “Taio Cruz- I’m Telling The World- lyrics”

  1. Luis Diego Torres Molina

    Taio Cruz preparing for RIO 2 A Song


  2. Benjie Estrella

    I’m telling the world
    that i found the girl 

  3. Dragon Rim

    This Makes me Feel alive for some reason…

  4. Tristan Fish

    It’s always movies that bring me to awesome songs like this :) 

  5. are181

    wow so love this song!!!!!

  6. Ashley Eichinger

    @Pinkberrie123 awwwwh why thank you (: and i do have 537 views so thats
    pretty good (:

  7. DarkLegends212

    yup same rio brought me here

  8. Amanda Stefanin

    This is awesome =)

  9. Vinavie Gayara

    i love it, itz so….nice and catchy

  10. Océane Zakrevski

    RIO brought me here too. ;A; +1. <3

  11. Wasantha Herath

    well done … lv it soooo much.. n thank u :)

  12. Mykee Maniego

    Seriously, why is nobody viewing this wonderful video? I find it the best.
    It’s awesome. And I’m glad nobody disliked it ;) . Your’e awesome at this.

  13. Cletz Maramag

    Rio brought me here

  14. KanaalAnti

    Ik hou van dit nummer!

  15. marssie3

    goeie shit;)

  16. Colette Smith

    love the video and song x

  17. awesome6712

    woooooooow I dont know what to say soo good

  18. Matthew Kennedy

    It’s “To give all the light” not “To give all my heart”

  19. babygarza1

    i heard diz of mi favrite movie rio

  20. Alex Mendez

    This song is very very Large

  21. Tshezaa Tsheng

    now you have 30 thousand

  22. Pols Murad

    Gamda awiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  23. Isabella Zepeda

    mii bf dedicated this sonq to me and i can’t stop hearinq it ^_^ i love him
    and this beautiful sonqq<33

  24. Jose Almeida

    You just did great!!! I wish I can did the same as you did it! I have a
    girl she the one I wish do do the same video, but I don’t have the same
    skil that you have. Thanks 4 the video.

  25. mastre1234

    this is one of the best songs i ever heard! this is almost the perfect song!