Taio Cruz – Imma Go [Official Lyrics On Screen]


Online video Ranking: four / five

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10 Responses to “Taio Cruz – Imma Go [Official Lyrics On Screen]”

  1. wafa abdurehman

    Sorry about the word cashie I can’t spell the word that I want

  2. Angel22802

    Lmao,, when he said ” the way she handle me ” the first time I heard it I
    thought he said “the way she hand do me” !!

  3. Dimas Yulius Arifin

    I wanna let the world set me free

  4. Philip St.

    Nice work!

  5. Christina Grimmes


  6. wafa abdurehman

    Hey I was the first one to wright

  7. Dimas Yulius Arifin

    why even somebody dislike this… That’s a good song

  8. DjThebst1

    0:00-0:06 MARIO

  9. xMichellexMsp

    I ❤ THIS SONG. ^^

  10. wafa abdurehman

    I love and I mean love this song it’s soooooo cashie